Working to Save You Money

Insurance premiums increase from time to time. You already knew that. There are many reasons for these increases. At the moment, most companies are raising their rates on property related accounts (homeowner’s policies and commercial property policies) due to the increased wind and hail and snow claims in recent years. Insurance companies have also been raising their rates in response to increased reinsurance rates after the catastrophic damages caused by hurricanes and tornadoes nationally.

The beauty of working with an independent agency like Klinner Insurance is that we represent numerous insurance companies. When we feel that a particular company is raising their rates more than the others are, it prompts us to remarket or quote the coverage with our other companies. This process allows us to keep your rates competitive within the insurance marketplace. We are happy to pass any savings we find on to you. You keep doing what you do best. We’ll do the shopping for you.

Sofia Tarnalitska