Snow, Ice and Water Issues in Your Home

The large amount of snow that accumulates on rooftops stands to cause a variety of problems for homeowners. An obvious issue is that the weight of the snow and ice has the potential to stress or even collapse a roof. Other issues include ice dams and excess water near the foundation.

A major issue facing Wisconsin homeowners is the formation of ice dams. Ice dams are caused by insufficient insulation in your ceiling or attic and form when the layers of ice and snow on a roof begin to melt. The melting snow will pool at the edge of your roof and in gutters and freeze, creating a dam of ice. Then, when the snow begins to melt again, the water has nowhere to go. It instead pools underneath shingles and starts dripping down into the home. Do your best to shovel or rake the first few feet of snow off your roof to prevent ice dams and the resulting interior damage.

It is important to note that ground surface water that runs, seeps, backs-up or leaks into your home is considered a flood. Flood damage such as water leaking into a window or crack in the foundation is excluded by homeowner’s and renter’s policies. If you have questions about potential water damage to your home and the items in it, please do not hesitate to contact your insurance agent. They can provide you with more information regarding:

  • Purchasing a flood insurance policy, and/or

  • Endorsing your existing homeowner’s/renter’s policy to cover sewer and water back-up issues such as a failed sump pump.

Sofia Tarnalitska