Reporting a Claim

Customer often ask who they should report claims to, the agency or the insurance company. The answer is whichever you prefer, with the exception of Worker’s Compensation claims.

Today most insurance companies have 24 hour claim reporting options, both online or over the phone. It is important to report a claim promptly especially if there are injuries. Remember that Worker’s Compensation claims need to be reported directly to the insurance carrier by the employer and it is easiest to call those in. And be aware that there are reporting requirements for OSHA as well.

For home, auto, property or liability claims feel free to contact Us at the agency (800-934-5647) during business hours or the insurance company directly. We are glad to report claims to the insurance company for you. Just give us a call with the pertinent information; Who, What, When, Where, and maybe even Why or How? The insurance company will handle the claim from there but we will try to answer any questions along the way.

Sofia Tarnalitska